Friday, March 7, 2008

North Cocina Wall

On March 3 -5th, work continued on the north cocina wall. As the wall was dismantled, the river cobblestone foundation was exposed (see photo #1).

Archaeologist, Karen Hildebrand, explained that the foundation appeared to consist of various layers and courses of river cobblestone throughout the north wall. The west end of the foundation is composed of cobblestone which is two layers thick and three courses across (see
photo #2).

The east end is similar in layers yet but only consisted of two courses at the perimeter of the base (see photo #3). This type of foundation is quite different from the rest of the building.

After the cobblestone was recorded through photographs and detailed drawings, the stones were removed and a 30-inch trench was dug to accommodate the new foundation of concrete and rebar (see photo #4).

The new foundation will not be visible in the reconstruction and the existing river cobblestone will be integrated to maintain the appearance of the original construction.-JK

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