Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sept 22-26 Even More Roof Work

The cocina roof is almost done...we are awaiting the barn shingles which should be delivered from Washington State in the next week or so. As you may remember from earlier posts:

"The roof on the cocina will essentially consists of two roof coverings which will create an accurate historical representation of the roof from interior and from the exterior. From the interior of the cocina, one will see exposed cedar shingles which were originally visible from inside the room of the cocina. These will be topped by painted black plywood sheathing and then barn shingles will be installed on the exterior of the cocina roof. "
Photo #1 shows the plywood being placed on top of the cedar shingles.

Next the barn shingles need to delivered and installed. After that, the cocina roof is complete!

On the east elevation overhang, the new roof shingles are being installed on the 1 x 4 redwood sheeting. Photos #3 and #4 show the shingles being installed by Chris Barazza.

On the main part of the roof, the plywood has been placed and nailed off. The next step is to install the 30lb. felt. The felt underlayment will make the roof water tight. All of the cedar shingles have been delivered and are awaiting installation (see Photo #5). -JK

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roof Work Sept 8-15

Yes, more work on the roof continues. The plywood (27 sheets of plywood!) have been installed on the entire main building. (Due to inclement weather the plywood has been covered by tarps, but can be seen on the interior of the building in Photos #1 & 2.) Next up is the installation of the roof underlayment upon which the cedar shingles will be placed in the coming weeks. The fascia boards and overhangs have also been installed on the building (see Photo #3).

Other work focuses on the overhangs and balcony roof on the east and west elevations. On the east elevation overhang, the top sheathing will be replaced with new redwood 1 x4 boards (Photo #4 shows the east elevation overhang prior to work beginning on sheathing.)

Work on the west elevation includes reframing the balcony roof to reflect the original roof slope. Photos of this work will be posted next week.-JK

Friday, September 5, 2008

More Roof Work

This week, September 2-5, the DCU crew completed the installation of all the stainless steel and the ridge blocks. The ridge blocks sit in between the rafters (see Photo #1). On the exterior, DCU crew member, Pancho Villa, back filled the void created by the ridge blocks with adobe bricks (see Photo #2).

In the cocina, the all thread rods are being inserted from the cocina wall, through the roof rafters and attach to the exterior wall. This will help stabilize the exterior wall. (See photos #3, 4, and 5). Photo #4 shows the rods on the interior (note steel rod in center of photo) while Photo #5 show the rods and how they are attached on the exterior.

Next week the crew plans to install the plywood for the underlayment of the roof. The new roof is getting closer and closer to completion!