Friday, March 21, 2008

Work Continues on South Gable End Wall and Cocina Foundation

This week (March 17-March 20) work continued on repair of the south gable end wall. As you can see from Photo #1, much progress has been made on the wall.

Reconstruction of the corners of the adobe building can be the most technical and time consuming as the new adobe bricks must be 'stitched in' with the existing adobe bricks (see Photo 2).

Other on-going work includes the reconstruction of the cocina foundation wall. The rebar cage was constructed and installed into the deep hole which will become the base of the cocina wall. Concrete was pumped in on Monday March 17 (see Photo #3 and Photo #4).


A day later the originial cobblestone rocks were inserted back into the new concrete foundation to maintain the appearance of the original foundation wall (see Photo #5).-JK

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