Sunday, June 1, 2008

Core Drilling Begins! May 20

Core drilling of the adobe walls has begun. Work started on the new cocina walls and has now moved to the east wall of the adobe building. Nichols Concrete Cutting is a company that specializes, among other things, in core drilling. Having much experience in drilling adobe walls, Nichols' work is moving along nicely. Photo 1 shows the crew on the roof beginning drilling into the east wall.

The process includes a hole which is drilled through the adobe walls and a stainless steel rod is then inserted into each hole. The hole and rod run the vertical height of the wall. The rods are spaced roughly 1- 1/2 feet apart and filled with epoxy. Photos #2 and #3 shows the new cocina wall and existing cocina wall with rods in place.

This will make the structure much more stable in a seismic event. -JK

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