Friday, June 13, 2008

Mud Plaster, Lintel Repair and Roof Removal-June 9-13

The DCU construction crew has completed the mud plastering of the interior of the new cocina wall. Photo #1 shows the interior wall with mud plaster and Photo #2 shows the corner shelves anchored to the new wall (to the left) and the original wall (to the right).

They have also completed the scratch coat of the mud plaster on the exterior of the cocina walls (Photo #3). The next step is to apply a smooth plaster coat which will look similar to the interior cocina walls.

The lintels (wood support members above a door or window) above the windows and doors are also being repaired. A few of the lintels are damaged and wood members have been replaced and/or repaired with epoxy. They will be plastered over to match the existing plaster.

With the core drilling complete, work is shifting toward the roof. The CCC crew is removing the roof sheathing to prepare the area for construction of the new roof.

This should begin next week!-JK

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