Sunday, October 12, 2008

Balcony Roof

This week, the DCU crew began the task of raising the balcony roof on the east side of the building. In one of the many restorations/rehabilitations in the 1950s, the front balcony was reconstructed incorrectly and resulted in a balcony with limited headroom and a dangerously low balustrade. (Photo #1 shows the roof removed from the balcony.)

Raising the roof involved tearing off the old rafters and sheathing and raising the roof 13". New 4x4 redwood beams were installed along with new 2 x 4 redwood rafters. The balustrade will stay for now but will eventually be replaced in a later phase of the project. (Photos #2 and #3 show the new rafters in place.)

Other ongoing work includes continued work on the east elevation overhang roof (see Photo #4) and completion of the construction and lime wash of the south wall (see Photo # 5).


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