Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cocina Walls are Almost Complete!

Last week (April 7-11) work on the Castro Adobe focused on the cocina walls. Most of the work was concentrated on the north cocina wall. Last week the first courses of the wall were laid by brick making volunteers from last summer. Later, the DCU and CCC crews continued work on the wall (see Photo #1). Work is expected to be completed on the north wall in the coming week.

On the interior of the cocina wall, the original shelves were incorporated with the new adobe wall (see Photo #2).

The doorway which led from the cocina to the modern kitchen was filled-in (historically there had been no door from the interior of the cocina to the main building) utilizing new and original adobe bricks (see Photo #3).

The east wall (where the bathroom in the cocina was previously located) was completed (see Photo #4).


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