Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crack Repair, Cocina wall and South wall

Since there is so much work being completed all at once, this entry is chock full of photos.

Exterior Walls:

The exterior walls are undergoing crack repair. As you can see in the following pictures the cracks are first scraped to remove loose mud and plaster. After they have been scraped and vacuumed, DCU crew member, Bruce Ihle, sprays water and wets the cracks. He then uses a grout bag to inject mud into the cracks. In photo #4, DCU crew member, Pancho Villa, coats and scores the mud plaster over the cracks. It will dry for 3-4 days.

Cocina Wall:
The cocina wall is almost complete. These photos show the wall during construction including the wall being constructed with the historic opening to allow smoke from the bracero to escape. The last pictures shows work progressing this week. The rake of the roof is being constructed with the adobe bricks.

South wall:

The DCU and CCC crew has also been working on the top gable end of the south wall. The gable end is at the top of the south end of the building and therefore the scaffolding for the project is a serious feat. A large ladder leads to the top of the scaffolding where the work is taking place. -JK

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