Friday, June 6, 2008

June 2-6, 2008 Core Drilling Almost Complete

Core drilling of the adobe walls is almost complete. Nichols Concrete Cutting has moved very quickly with two crews of four and they should be done on Friday. There are quite a few pictures in this post because the core drilling was fascinating and I hope to capture it.
The first task is actually drilling the hole for the stainless steel rods which you can see being done in Photo #1 and Photo #2. This crew has to wear a fairly substantial mask due to the dust.

While the crew is working on the top of the roof, another crew member drills two small holes, one about 2/3 way down the wall and another about 3 feet from the bottom of the wall (see photo #3).

These two holes are used to relieve pressure as the drill comes down creating the hole. The dirt and dust that is created in the drilling process needs to be allowed to escape and these holes allow that to happen. The end result of the dirt/dust blasting out of the hole is remarkable. Not only does quite a bit blast out of the hole, but it comes out fast (see Photo #4).

Once the hole is complete it is vacuumed out and the stainless steel rod is inserted and later epoxied. The east and west wall are almost complete. The last photo is the west wall with the rods in place.-JK

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Franklin Maggi said...

Just thought I would comment here that this latest group of action shots has taken this chronicle to the next level. Jessica seems to have tracked the progress of this project so well that she rose to the occasion when the anticipated step of drilling into century and a half adobe went live. Photograph number 4 showing the earth blasting out of the hole is, as Jessica said, remarkable, in the context of this long awaited project.