Friday, August 29, 2008

Roof Construction Continues-August 25-28

Construction on the roof continued this week and last. The idea that a new roof will be on this building in the near future is amazing! We are so happy with the pace of the project and once the new roof is on...we are nearing completion of Phase 1!!

This week, a crane was used to lift the very heavy stainless steel pieces into place on the roof. These pieces will be placed along the rake (top of gable wall) walls and around the top of the adobe walls. On the east and west side some of this stainless steel is 66 feet long! This stainless steel will be locked into the all-thread steel rods which were drilled earlier into the walls of the adobe building. This will serve to tie the entire roof system together and prepare the roof for the eventual placement of roof sheathing and then shingles.

The following pictures show DCU foreman, Chris Barazza, cinching the stainless steel piece down to be lifted onto the roof. The stainless steel is then lifted onto the roof (Photos 2 and 3) and put into place (Photo 4 and 5).

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