Friday, August 15, 2008

August 11-14, Adobe Walls and Roof

This week the first coats of the lime wash were put on the east side of the building. In Photo #1, DCU worker, Pancho Villa, paints on the thin lime wash. There will be approximately 3-4 coats applied to the exterior wall.

See the extraordinary results on the west side of the building , which is almost complete (see Photo #2).

Photo #3 shows the new adobe bricks installed on the south gable end wall covered with lime wash.

The cracks in the upper east wall in the balcony are being repaired as well (see Photo #4) and will also receive the lime wash.

On the main roof, the 70 new rafters are in place and 70 pieces of steel have been attached to the rafters to strengthen the wood. On the cocina roof, 80% of the first layer of wood shingles have been installed. Along with shingle installation, the north exterior wall of the cocina (the new wall) is being tied to the north exterior wall of the main house (an original wall) to further stabilize the building. DCU foreman, Chris Barraza, is diligently working on this part of the stabilization and hopefully next week's pictures will be able to show how the walls are actually tied together. Stay tuned! -JK

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