Tuesday, August 5, 2008

July 28-31 Roof Work Continues-- Lime Wash Applied.

Cedar shingles continue to be installed on the cocina roof as seen in Photo #1

(interior shot of cocina which shows the partially covered roof), however, even more exciting is the lime wash which is being applied to the exterior of the building. The repaired cracks get a coat of mud plaster, then a coat of lime wash. Another two coats of lime wash is applied over the entire surface. The new walls of the cocina will get 3 coats of lime wash (Photo #2 shows the lime wash applied to the exterior of the cocina). Looks great!

On the main roof, all the 3 x 8 rafters are installed (Photo #3 ).

Each rafter is braced by structural steel to further reinforce the rafter (Photo #4 and #5)

and will be bolted to the stainless steel rods which were drilled earlier into the adobe walls. -JK

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