Friday, July 25, 2008

July 21-25 Roof Construction Continues

Work continued on the construction of the roof on the cocina and main house as seen in Photo #1.

Roof work on the cocina included the installation of the redwood sheeting which was placed on the rafters as seen in Photo #2. Photo #3 shows the interior of the cocina with Chris Barraza (DCU foreman) appreciating a job well done!

The roof on the cocina will essentially consists of two roof coverings which will create an accurate historical representation of the roof from interior and from the exterior. From the interior of the cocina, one will see exposed cedar shingles which were originally visible from inside the room of the cocina. These will be topped by painted black plywood sheathing and then barn shingles will be installed on the exterior of the cocina roof.

The rafters continue to be installed on the main house as seen in Photo #4. Photo #5 shows the interior walls with rafters in place.

The roof over the balcony on the east side of the building will also be reconstructed. Due to various renovations to the exterior, the pitch of the original balcony has been altered and is too low (Chris Barraza expertly demonstrates the low pitch of the balcony in Photo #5).

The balcony roof will be raised in conjunction with the new roof on the main house. -JK

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